2012: Year In Review

Taking a page from Patton Oswalt, I give you the past twelve months in eleven seconds.  Ready? Unemployed, writing class, short film, agency job, internship, fellowship entries, writing class, retail job, temp assignment, unemployed.  [“Wave your food over this laser beam, and put it in the bag. That’s how this works! Sad.“]

Heh. Okay.  Maybe I should use a little more detail than that.  This year, I met lots of awesome people, reconnected with other awesome people, took two excellent writing classes, finished one pilot, got most of the way through another, started my first episode spec in ages, worked on a short film, got a short story published in a beautiful anthology,  got my first industry desk job, interned for an awesome producer, learned that you should hang on to two small birds in the hand because that giant golden-egg-laying goose in the bush will croak two days after you catch it, cashed out my 401(k), and blogged on a consistent schedule for far longer than I ever have before.  Not bad, right?  Except for the part about the goose that laid the golden egg biting it in 48 hours or less.  But onward and upward.  Time to finish those scripts and step up the job hunt.

For now, I leave you with this: